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Redirect end user web requests to an internal captive portal web application, for seamless authentication and authorization process.
With the WanderBox, admins can specify bandwidth rates, quotas, and web access levels for different tiers of end users.
The WanderBox automatically bills end users according to one-time administrator programmed rates, for different tiers of access.
The unique policy-based user management engine built into the WanderBox gives administrators complete control over end user network access and usage.
Take control of end user's web experiences, allowing for optimal monetization methods like interstitial content, injection or forced page redirection, to highlight special services.
A complete routing solution in terms of reliability, robustness, feature sets, and WAN to LAN throughput speed.

Your gateway to building a profitable revenue generating network

What makes the WanderBox unique


The WanderBox provides an active system with constant end-user profiling and monitoring for granular control and optimum recognition of up-selling opportunities.

The WanderBox mimics administrator decision making; to accurately adapt to end-user browsing patterns in real time.

The WanderBox provides end-users with complete network isolation; enforcing true peer-to-peer security.


The WanderBox Features

The feature-rich WanderBox™ is the turn-key solution for a cost effective and profit generating network.


Convert end users into potential premium service subscribers by providing them with seamless access.

The set-up for up-selling opportunities begins with this rich feature. Restrict access to your network by forcing end users to enter credentials or offer access to operator-defined list of websites where credentials are not required. The captive portal allows for either options, but ensures that a set of credentials must be used to fully access and experience your network resources.

The WanderBox allows you to redirect selected end user web requests to a local captive portal web application with dynamic authentication features like:

  • An integrated database for local credential storage, which can be managed simply and effectively via a local SQL database with an AJAX web application GUI.
  • The option of an external database connection for credential challenge and response, allowing you to integrate with other AAA mechanisms (RADIUS, LDAP, WISPr), to reduce credential management overhead.
  • The Ruby on Rails, eRuby and XML built framework, providing a highly extensible portal web application with the help of cutting edge Web 2.0 tools, one benefit of which is an active, open-source community rich in skilled developers.

Manage bandwidth rates and quotas for end user groups to create monetization opportunities from any captive end user population.

The WanderBox trumps the competition with its unique ability to shape and manage traffic on a granular level. With the WanderBox, administrators have the ability to establish bandwidth enforcement over a widely diverse combinations of metrics, enhancing opportunities to sell and manage premium end user access subscriptions. The WandberBox automatically enforces administrator programmed rules to provide:

  • Real-time restriction of bandwidth utilization on a per-user basis to administrator specified rate limits. Automated enforcement of programmed rate limits for end users based on a broad spectrum of criteria including, but not limited to, payments applied at the captive portal, RADIUS vendor specific attributes and pre-defined lists of MAC addresses.
  • Bandwidth management enables administrator to up-sell end users premium service packages such as VoIP enablement, VPN, or packages allowing access to video streaming sites (You Tube, Netflix, etc.)
  • Usage quotas governing end user data consumption based on administrator specified time scale, allowing fine control of bandwidth over a variety of plan lives (e.g., 3 GB per month), while allowing higher instantaneous speeds with automatic prompting to purchase additional quota via captive portal.
  • Hard packet prioritization that guarantees administrator specified end users receive specified bandwidths before others. Enables administrator to sell premium offerings for prioritized access for business customers, end users with servers and other scenarios.

Automatically bill end user population for different tiers of access quality based on their behavior on your Network.

Offer to provide free internet for a time period or charge for only bandwidth intensive sites, the WanderBox supports myriad service plans and automatically bills end users. The WanderBox solves the problem current Guest Access solutions fall short on. The WanderBox, based on administrator programmed policies, automatically identifies upselling opportunities in end user behavior, fully capitalizing on impulse purchases and ensuring that opportunities are not missed.

With its robust billing mechanism, the WanderBox can be configured to provide tiered levels of access and premium services, on either a recurring or one time basis via a several methodologies, including:

  • Fully integrated into the captive portal web application and internal end user database is a credit card processing engine that supports over forty payment gateways, allowing for automated billing based on end user behavior.
  • Single and multiple use coupon code generator and management. Easy implementation and operation of alternative direct and reseller revenue models (e.g., pre-paid, micro-payment, bulk payment, etc.).
  • Zero cost service support. Specific support that simplifies management of networks designed with zero direct revenue generation (e.g., session intercession by MAC address, authorization via shared password, etc.)

Gain granular control of end user sessions by creating and assigning policies to different groups of end users, to distinguish "Classes of Service".

Once specific rules are established for different groups of end users, the WanderBox takes over and performs all the work traditionally delegated to a network operator. The WanderBox automatically recognizes end user behavior and correlates it with operator created policies, throughout every stage of end user’s network use.

The WanderBox dynamically enforces administrator created per-user policies over an end user population, with a broad spectrum of target identification and policy template options that include:

  • Identifying and assigning roles to end users through nearly any mechanism imaginable, including but not limited to credential capture via portal, IP address, subnet, VLAN, MAC address, etc.
  • Identifying and grouping applications by server IP address, source port(s), destination port(s) and DPI signature.
  • One-click assignment of policy templates to end users, application groups and authenticated databases of end users. Fully automated enforcement of per-user policy.

Gain control of end user web experience to seamlessly inject marketing messages or redirect end users to highlighted services.

The WanderBox has the ability to “re-write” a user’s web session. Perfect for the injection of marketing and notifications. Messages will seamlessly appear within end user’s browser. No pop-ups or intrusive messages will be seen, the WanderBox injects content that mimics content generated from web pages that end users browse. The WanderBox offers complete control over the end user World Wide Web experience with specific support for premium service revenue generation mechanisms such as:

  • Periodically redirect web requests to specially designed, interstitial marketing messages templates delivered via the captive portal mechanism.
  • Arbitrarily rewrite any or all web pages that end users experience. Inject marketing messages, insert banners, and communicate operator service messages inline with the end user web experience. Provides creative options for administrators to deliver notifications and advertisements.
  • Simplified integration of pre and post authentication captive portal marketing messages with integrated payload rotation services.
  • Content filtering based on URL pattern matching with automatic synchronization with publicly available blacklists.

Cost effective and complete routing solution, for an efficient network.

With its easy to use point and click Web based interface, the WanderBox will be the last router you need. The WanderBox can perform some very high-level network “tricks” such as on the fly creation of hundreds of subnets for safe and secure user segregation. In addition to the cutting edge End User Management and Revenue Generation feature-set, the WanderBox is a complete routing solution that can go head-to-head with the reliability, robustness, feature sets, and WAN to LAN throughput speed of the best network routers, including the following subsystems:

  • Completely configurable DHCP server. Full integration with end user management to enable simplified option passing to end user devices and fixed assignment of addresses.
  • Full featured DNS server with primary and secondary zone control.
  • RADIUS server with full integration into internal database. Enables administrators to use the captive portal web application as a centralized billing and end user management system with third-party authentication mechanisms.
  • Bulk email subsystem with fully customizable templates that can easily broadcast direct marketing materials to all or some of the end user population.

Save money with robust link options, purchasing bandwidth for your network on an "as needed" basis.

The WanderBox helps administrators reduce recurring network overhead costs, as one WanderBox replaces multiple devices, among them standalone network link aggregators and load balancers. The WanderBox’s built-in link aggregator and load balancer, in conjunction with its complex Layer 3 routing capabilities, increases network reliability during peak periods.

These capabilities include:

  • The ability to aggregate several uplinks to achieve the equivalent throughput of a single large link. Leverage multiple cost effective DSL and cable modem uplinks to acquire large volumes of bandwidth at a low monthly recurring cost.
  • Automatically detect uplink status to manage pools of circuits in failover scenarios. Option to designate certain uplinks to serve solely as back-up, supporting shadow leased line, satellite or WAN backup scenarios.
  • Relating uplink pools to preferred groups of end users. Enables administrator to offer premium services with high performance leased lines based on routing policy specific to business and VPN customers (for example), while low cost DSL and cable modem lines could be designated as residential and bulk traffic.
  • Simultaneously utilize a diverse array of uplink carriers. Enables operators to work with as many carriers as desired without cross carrier configuration. Avoid complex, problematic and costly peering arrangements and special routing protocols. All carrier diversity is handled inside the gateway from the customer side of the telco demarc.

Keep your network secure and save money with the formidable in-built threat management system.

The WanderBox has advanced security features normally only found in standalone firewalls. An essential component for running and managing a healthy, public network, the WanderBox’s advanced security features rank with the best firewalls in the market; providing intrusion prevention, web content filtering and behavioral heuristics; eliminating the need to purchase a stand-alone network security device. The WanderBox offers means of securing your network that are unparalleled in a subscriber gateway, such as:

  • State of the art threat detection system to dynamically alter packet filtering for an end user or group, based upon IP address, MAC address, DNS name and/or TCP ports. Full integration with billing engine enables operators to use filtering policy as an enabler of premium service offerings.
  • Behavioral intrusion detection capabilities to quickly identify abusive end users. Also can be used to detect malicious hosts that attack from the WAN.
  • DPI engine that enables signature matching. Compatible with industry standard rule formats that are widely available for detecting viruses, worms, malware, DoS attacks and other common problems.
  • Behavior and signature based intrusion identification are integrated with the policy enforcement engine, enabling the operator to isolate and temporarily or permanently penalize, quarantine or black-hole abusive end users. All systems are also fully integrated with all available end user communication vectors including, but not limited to, captive portal, interstitial redirection and message injection via payload rewriting.

Optimize up-selling opportunities by providing road warriors with office access.

The WanderBox has the integrated ability to provide VPN connections. With more users of public networks relying on VPN connections to get work done while on the road, administrators can easily take advantage of premium VPN-enabled plans. The automatic VPN creation and tear-down integrates perfectly with the WanderBox billing system. The VPN features of the WanderBox also allow a simple and secure method of administration for remote administrators and network management centers with the ability to:

  • Originate and terminate site-to-site IPsec VPNs to ease management of large scale networks.
  • Concatenate host-to-site IPsec VPNs from the WAN to enable secure remote access to privately addressed LANs.
  • Concatenate host-to-site IPsec VPNs from the LAN enabling operators to offer secure connectivity as a premium service.
  • Fully integrated CA can issue certificates when certain billing plans are purchased allowing for zero-operator-intervention provisioning of premium secure connectivity to end users.

Maintain detailed records of network end users' browsing behavior in order to fine tune policy creation; providing the network intelligence needed for optimum revenue generation.

The WanderBox eliminates the need to develop a comprehensive data retention policy, as all important user data is collected in real time and can be offloaded to remote storage for long-term archiving. The storage database is fast, reliable and built on open standards so it can easily be accessed and utilized by third-party data mining applications and tools. Other features include:

  • Generate reports on what domains are accessed by end user login, MAC address, IP address groups and much more. Gather information on the surfing habits of end users. Target advertising based on end user surfing profiles. Sell end user surfing data to aggregators.
  • Report on instantaneous transfer rates as well as download quota consumption. Persistent storage of data allows operator to see trends over the long term. Enables operator to understand the end user population and create offerings to maximize profitability.
  • Enables forecasting and budgeting options for optimal network administration, with details of the network and the gateway health. Track utilization and resource consumption trends over the span of days, weeks, months and even years.

Powerful monitoring coupled with dynamic and detailed reporting of network health.

One of the most overlooked aspects of enterprise-grade network equipment is the reporting of network conditions, past and present, in real time. The WanderBox has a very robust and easy to read reporting engine built-in. The web-based interface provides high resolution, full color graphs and reports on nearly every important metric, measuring every aspect of the WanderBox’s performance. From billing reports on each plan, to network usage graphs on any network interface, or an aggregate mix of all, the WanderBox generates visually powerful graphs and other reports from its built-in database. Some of the features include:

  • Visualization package which enables graphing of all instruments. Operator specified time scales and graphic sizes. Supports multiple parallel output formats. Real time graph updates via AJAX in the web-based administrative console.
  • Monitor the status of network nodes. Poll nodes for status and collect uptime data. Report failures to operators in real time.
  • Customizable, system and network resource consumption dashboards. Complete information about entire subsystems in a single glance. Real time updates via AJAX make the dashboards ideal for presentation on Network Operation Center (NOC) displays.



WanderBox Benefits

The WanderBox™ is a complete core network with capabilities only limited by your imagination.


Via the replacement of several device categories like: subscriber gateway, router, advanced security features, link aggregater/load balancer.


Via premium services to different tiered users (including VOIP, VPN enabled plans as well as numerous other functionalities.)


Numerous ways to inject marketing or branding content seamlessly into the end user's web surfing experience.


For in-house promotional endeavors or third party interaction.


Ability to easily aggregate multiple inexpensive circuits into a single powerful and efficient link accompanied by granular preferential weighting and priority system - providing cost effective bandwidth solutions with built-in effective failover redundancy.


Creating opportunities for deep optimization of service plan offerings through thoroughly and meaningfully illuminated end user behavior.



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