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Wanderport BusinessONLY™ Now in New York's Iconic Grand Central Terminal!

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Finally, the hundredes of world-class shops and restaurants in the heavily-trafficed Grand Central Terminal will have access to true enterprise-grade communication services thanks to Wanderport BusinessONLY™.

Wanderport has heavily invested in our fiber optic network serving the Terminal, and like our other commercial properties, a redundant network head-end sits at a secured location in the Terminal. Over the coming months, we will be building and expanding our reach throughout the Terminal.

Hotel Edison gets the Wanderport Treatment!

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Hotel Edison New York City This iconic, 800-room Art Deco New York Hotel which first opened its doors in 1931 has gone through many changes throughout its long, rich history. The Hotel Edison has recieved its latest upgrade from Wanderport Networks. Hundreds of next-generation wireless access points from Ruckus Wireless now feed this hotel's corridors and guest rooms a seemingly never-ending stream of high quality wireless internet.

The heart of this robust network lies in the core - utilizing our WanderBox™ Gateway to manage the tremendous network traffic generated by its thousands of guests on an almost 24/7/365 basis, the network doesn't skip a beat!

Wanderport Connects all four regions of Swaziland

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Our African subsidiary, Wanderport Africa, has been hard at work on a mission for good - to connect hundreds of schools and public utilities to a country-wide private network and the Internet. Utilizing technology from Wanderport Networks such as our WanderBox™ and disruptive technologies such as Television White Space (TVWS) Software Defined Radios (SDR), Wanderport has completed interconnections between all four regions of the Kingdom Of Swaziland.

WanderPort Develops WAN AccelerationTechnology

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WanderPort Networks has developed WAN acceleration technology which allows multiple dissimilar, low quality circuits to function as one seamless "Super Circuit" to the end user. This technology will be rolled across our entire Global network to all sites with a less then stellar primary internet connection. The end result will be the highest possible internet and VOIP quality to all of our customers - not just those with a fancy Fiber pipe!

Thank you NYC!!!

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WanderPort has been chosen by the Association of Commercial Building Owners in NYC as the preferred Business Internet Service Provider in the CITY! WanderPort will be expanding into 16 new buildings before the end of the summer - please call us at 212-355-5455 to see if your building is on this list. WanderPort Business has also completed a full core-network upgrade in New York City (Manhattan and Queens) and Orlando, Florida, which means increased speeds and better reliability.

WanderPort now available throughout NYC

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Building on the success of WanderPort's World-Class public access networks at some of the world's finest boutique hotels and public networks, the same advanced network management and superior customer service is now available for commercial businesses throughout NYC.

WanderPort and Mont Tremblant Resort

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The picturesque Pedestrian Village in the center of Mont Tremblant Resort is the main artery through the famous ski resort's plethora of pro shops, eateries and gifts - and now, thanks to WanderPort's state-of-the-art outdoor 802.11n wireless network, guests of Mont Tremblant will stay connected indoors and out while exploring the village, shopping or just "out on the town".

Boston Park Plaza Hotel selects WanderPort

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The Boston Park Plaza Hotel selects WanderPort as their Wireless Service Provider for it's nearly 1000 guest rooms. A state-of-the-art wireless network has been deployed throughout the hotel in guest areas as well as common areas, powered by technology from WanderPort partner, Ruckus Wireless.

WanderPort commissioned by Mont Tremblant Resort

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It's the high season at Mont Tremblant Resort and in our continuing and ever-changing commitment to being at the forefront of hospitality high-speed internet access, WanderPort has successfully commissioned and installed a dedicated fiber optic, ultra high-speed internet circuit capable of delivering over 100mb of internet bandwidth to the numerous hotels on the resort.

New engineering and sales office

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WanderPort's new engineering and sales office opens up on Manhattan's west side. Literally 3 blocks from Times Square, our new facility will provide working models of our technology to demonstrate to the most discerning hotel and hospitality operators in the world - right in their backyard! Our second Manhattan office and 4th office in New York, highlights our commitment to New York Hospitality.

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