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About WanderPort Networks Inc.  

What we do

Since 1999, WanderPort has empowered hotel and other hospitality/public venues with IP communications and managed IT services from a reliable provider who understands the unique business needs of the hospitality industry. We pride ourselves with ensuring that the guest experience is truly spectacular all while abstracting the hotel staff from"help desk" duties.

Building upon our current service offerings, WanderPort has launched its BusinessOnly™ Internet Service in select commercial office buildings, to cater to the unique needs of businesses, large and small.

ARIN ASN: AS398227

Terms of Service for Hospitality Customers

Read the Terms of Service of our networks in its entirety. WanderPort TOS.

Terms of Service for BusinessOnly™ Customers

Read the Terms of Service of our networks in its entirety. Wanderport BusinessONLY Terms and Conditions


WanderPort Networks is managed by a team of experts in the Information Technology arena. For years our passion for cutting-edge network delivery has helped us to grow to the world-class, bespoke internet services company we are today.

In addition to employing the resources of some of the most talented industry veterans, our senior managment is available by phone for all of our customers or potential customers speak with. WanderPort's New York City Corporate Office can be reached at +1 (212) 355-5455. Our managment team is available from 9am - 5pm, Eastern Standard Time.

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