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WanderPort Networks

Global Providers of Enterprise Internet Access and Managed Services

We are in the business of empowering hospitality venues, commercial office buildings and other public venues with the utility of information technology enabled services and solutions.

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About WanderPort Networks Inc.  


Since 2001, WanderPort has empowered hotel and other hospitality/public venues with managed IT services from a reliable provider who understands the unique business needs of the hospitality industry. We pride ourselves with ensuring that the guest experience is truly spectacular all while abstracting the hotel staff from"help desk" duties.

Building upon our current service offerings, WanderPort has launched its Business Class Internet Service in select commercial office buildings, to cater to the unique needs of businesses, large and small.

Terms of Service for Hospitality Customers

Read the Terms of Service of our networks in its entirety. WanderPort TOS.

Terms of Service for BusinessOnly™ Customers

Read the Terms of Service of our networks in its entirety. WanderPort BusinessOnly™ TOS.


WanderPort Networks is managed by a team of experts in the Information Technology arena. For years our passion for cutting-edge network delivery has helped us to grow to the world-class, bespoke internet services company we are today.

In addition to employing the resources of some of the most talented industry veterans, our senior managment is available by phone for all of our customers or potential customers speak with. Wanderport HQ can be reached at +1 (212) 355-5455 - our managment team is available from 9am - 5pm, Eastern Standard Time.

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High Speed Internet Access (HSIA)

If you are a hotel owner or manager, WanderPort Networks HSIA services are designed for you. WanderPort will design, install and support the entire guest internet network at ZERO cost to your venue.

WanderPort Networks provides a robust, scalable and secure internet connection to guests in any hotel room, public space, even in RV Parks and on the Ski Slopes (really). We offer a variety of High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) options to venues including in-room wireless and/or wired connections, conference room/public space wireless, and outdoor and mesh wireless connections.

Our advanced networks focus on three metrics - reliability, speed and security. Using the latest 802.11n MIMO wireless equipment as well as gigabit switching and advanced radio frequency (RF) management, guests at our partner venues are ensured maximum speed to the internet as well as to other services delivered over the network. Our advanced customer gateways both at the venue and in our NOC isolate each user from other users on the network so security of sensitive data is always maintained. To protect the guests as well as the venue, our gateway hardware also proactively scans the network for malicious activity such as virus', hackers, illegal downloading or excessive network requests. All of this security is completely transparent to the user - we aim to ensure that the wired or wireless network is as easy as surfing the internet at home.

Video on Demand and IPTV

WanderPort provides more than just the Internet through our networks - we also aim to leverage the power and speed of our enterprise class IP networks and deliver traditional hospitality services, such as Video on Demand and even IPTV to your guests. IP enabled Video On Demand offers the venue much more flexibility than the traditional, cable based VoD products in many ways including:

  • Lower cost to deployment
  • Better manageability
  • More customization
  • A plethora of web-enabled content and custom broadcasting, including local advertising
  • Vendor independent (IP enabled TV and VoD uses a standards-based platform for delivery)

Voice over IP and Voice over WiFi

Staying with the philosophy of leveraging the IP network, WanderPort can also deliver a cost-effective IP telephony solution for guest rooms and even staff. Using the existing data network, a modern and cost-effective phone switch can be added to the network room without deploying additional cabling. Also, IP telephony is purely digital and some phones can even run advanced applications directly on the screen to notify guests of hotel events, room charges, even provide the ability to adjust lighting, music and order room service all with a few clicks!

Voice over WiFi is one of the newest guest conveniences out there; it allows the guest to roam throughout the venue and keep their guest-room phone with them at all times. By the pool, in the gym, even in the ski lodge - a guest will never feel disconnected again. With advanced RFID and WiFi tracking, the hotel or hospitality venue will also never be out of a handset again!

WanderPort Interactive Digital Kiosks

Using WanderPort's advanced wired and wireless networks, digital signs, announcements, upsells and advertisements can be displayed virtually anywhere with completely customizable messages. For example, in the lobby guest specefic information could be displayed on a TV such as flight info, weather reports, even menus and advertisements (think additional revenue stream) from local restaurants or theaters. At a ski resort, WiFi enabled, ruggedized touch-panels could have the ability to choose the lift with the smallest line, the trails with the best conditions, etc. By leveraging the connectivity already in place at WanderPort venues, there is virtually no limit to the information that can be conveyed to your guests.


The Core of our networks (and yours)

WanderPort's WanderBox all-in-one, turnkey public network appliance is the ultimate in customer gateways. Cutting edge in every sense of the phrase, networks powered by the WanderBox stand out in ways only dreamed up by IT managers, CIOs, operators of Revenue Generating Networks and Public Venue owners everywhere! The WanderBox provides:

  • Captive Portal, Forced Browser Redirection
  • End user Experience Managment
  • Dynamic anutomated end user Adapting billing system
  • Role-based AAA policy enforcement engine
  • Web Experience Manipulation
  • Advanced Core Networking Services
  • Wan side link Aggregation & Load Balancing
  • Advanced Security Features
  • VPN concentrator with IPSec and Built-in Certificate Authority
  • Comprehensive Logging
  • User Friendly Administrative GUI and Robust Graphical Instrumentation Dashboards

To learn more about what a WanderBox can do for your property or public network, revenue generating or complimentary, visit the WanderBox micro site here, or call WanderPort sales at 212-355-5455 for more information and to schedule a demonstration.


WanderPort Network's WanderPod™ is a ruggedized, mobile communications platform that has been deployed world-wide in remote public venues and disaster stricken areas. The WanderPod™ highlights our commitment to always-on and highly available communications infrastructure that we offer to our hospitality partners - with the WanderPod™, even if the whole city is down, we can provide emergency short-term or long-term communications to your hotel, outdoor event or even to an area afflicted by disaster.

To learn more about the WanderPod™, please visit the WanderPod micro site.

WanderPort Managed Network Services

Supplement and enhance your existing communication and entertainment technology soultions with a complete monitoring and support package from WanderPort Networks. WanderPort's seasoned network engineers and solution designers will work with your venue and its existing IT personel to deliver a complete end-to-end support and service solution that your guests or tenants will thank you for.

To learn more about our Manged Network Services, please download our brochure.


Company News  

July 21, 2015

WanderPort Develops WAN AccelerationTechnology

WanderPort Networks has developed WAN acceleration technology which allows multiple dissimilar, low quality circuits to function as one seamless "Super Circuit" to the end user. This technology will be rolled across our entire Global network to all sites with a less then stellar primary internet connection. The end result will be the highest possible internet and VOIP quality to all of our customers - not just those with a fancy Fiber pipe!
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June 3, 2014

Thank you NYC!!!

WanderPort has been chosen by the Association of Commercial Building Owners in NYC as the preferred Business Internet Service Provider in the CITY! WanderPort will be expanding into 16 new buildings before the end of the summer - please call us at 212-355-5455 to see if your building is on this list. WanderPort Business has also completed a full core-network upgrade in New York City (Manhattan and Queens) and Orlando, Florida, which means increased speeds and better reliability.
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June 1, 2012

WanderPort now available throughout NYC

Building on the success of WanderPort's World-Class public access networks at some of the world's finest boutique hotels and public networks, the same advanced network management and superior customer service is now available for commercial businesses throughout NYC.
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Hospitality Venues

Hotels and hospitality venues around the world have come to rely on WanderPort Networks as their information technology partner. A few notable venues managed by WanderPort Networks are listed below:

Commercial Office Buildings

WanderPort Networks is currently building its service provider network, WanderPort Business-Only™, building by building in New York City. We have plans to expand our Business Class service into other markets as well. To see if WanderPort is enabled or has plans to be in your building, please contact WanderPort Sales for more information.

Technology & Service Partners

WanderPort Networks maintains strategic partnerships with leaders of the IT and Hospitality industry to ensure that your venue and your guests will be privy to the highest quality of service and customer care. We don't partner up with every vendor under the sun, rather we make it a point to work with a small number of industry leaders and stick with them. We believe in stability and longevity rather than quantity of products, vendors and service partners.

Contact Us  

Customer Care & Technical Support

Public Venues, Multi-Tenant Properties, Hotels
Tel. +1 (866) 897-3084

Tel. +1 (800) 468-4985
+1 (646) 502-4504
8:00am - 6:00pm, M-F, EST

WanderPort Locations

Mailing Address and Sales:
WanderPort New York City
330 West 38th Street
Suite 1505
New York, NY 10018
Toll Free +1 (866) 910-WIFI (9434)
Tel. +1 (212) 355-5455

WanderPort Toronto
81 Kencliff Crescent
Scarborough, Ontario, M1P 4E6, Canada
Tel. +1 (212) 355-5455

WanderPort New York Data Center
111 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10011
Tel. +1 (212) 355-5455

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Customer Support

WanderPort Networks Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to all of our valued customers. Our support technicians are multi-lingual, speaking fluid English, Spanish and French and are all highly skilled in technical troubleshooting from user account issues to advanced BGP routing anomalies.

Please choose one of our support options below:

24-Hour Technical Support and Customer Care for Hospitality & Public Venue Customers

Toll Free Hotline: 1 (866) 897-3084
24/7/365 Email Support: support@WanderPort.com

Business-Only® Technical Support

Toll Free Hotline: 1 (800) 468-4985
Account Quesitons and Customer Care: 1 (646) 502-4504
24/7/365 Email Support: bizhelp@WanderPort.com

Important: To ensure a fast and efficient resolution to your problem, in your email please include the following: your Location, room number if at a hotel, business address if your a Business-ONLY customer, your contact information and a brief description of the problem your are experiencing.

Network Operations and Support Center

Our state-of-the-art NOC (network operations center) is in NYC and maintains a direct connection to an Internet backbone. The WanderPort NOC is powered by multiple, fully redundant application and database servers, as well as advanced monitoring equipment that gives us a real-time snapshot of all of our deployed networks so we can proactively monitor events before they become user complaints and ultimately, network downtime.

In fact, if you own or manage a hotel, commercial building or other public venue and your connection to the internet is completely down due to a natural disaster or your local utility company's failure, we can park our WanderPod Mobile Internet device right outside of your building or at your event space and resume network operations seamlessly. That is the WanderPort advantage!